We are a national advocacy and advisory firm, grounded in technically proficient law, that has established us as a trusted advisor to many across the nation. 

Our style is discreet, versatile, and low-drama, reflecting years of experience in high-level assignments. 

We understand that solving our clients' problems depends first on an ability to listen, and that patience, perspective, and experience can be essential ingredients to solving complex problems.

Our professionals include:

  • Travis Lucas, a former judge and longtime private counsel to presidential cabinet secretaries, ambassadors, senior White House West Wing officials, Members of Congress, corporate CEOs, and high-profile public figures.

  • Gary Compton, an accomplished attorney who has served as energy magnate Boone Pickens's counsel for nearly thirty years, and practiced law at some of the largest, most prestigious law firms in the country. 

  • Patrick Jephson, the former private secretary (chief of staff) to Princess Diana, who was responsible for every aspect of her life and private organization, and managed her worldwide public initiatives and activities. Patrick is much sought after in quelling crises, shaping perceptions, and counseling clients on brand and reputation management. 

Our professionals have been retained by some of the most prestigious names in business, banking, healthcare, and professional sports such as: Ferrari, Harrods, The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, LG, Boone Pickens, Pioneer Corporation, Baylor Scott & White Health, King Ranch, NFL Players Association, MLB legend Nolan Ryan, and San Antonio Spurs owner Peter Holt.

We are linked to the government relations and public relations firm Lucas | Compton, LLC.