With more than twenty years’ experience in the government, corporate and family office sectors, Patrick’s portfolio has included names such as Ferrari, Harrods, the Ritz, the UK Ministry of Defense and Beretta.  He has also worked on reputation and legacy briefs with confidential European, Middle Eastern and Asian individuals, including royalty.  He is a published authority on corporate and personal reputation management, and is in regular demand to address PR conferences on the subject worldwide.  Currently a Contributor for ABC News, he is also a New York Times and London Sunday Times bestselling author and his byline has appeared in titles as varied as People magazine, The Daily Mail, Paris Match and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

For eight years Patrick was Princess Diana’s chief of staff, responsible for every aspect of her public life and private organization.  He travelled with her to five continents, working with government officials up to heads of state and encountering figures as diverse as Mother Teresa, Margaret Thatcher, President George H. W. Bush, the Emperor of Japan, Hillary Clinton and the King of Saudi Arabia.  Under relentless media scrutiny, his tenure covered the period of Princess Diana’s greatest popularity as well as the constitutional controversy of her separation from Prince Charles.  In recognition of his service, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II appointed him a Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order.

Patrick was born and raised in Ireland and holds a Masters degree in Political Science from Cambridge University.  As an officer in the British Royal Navy he served all over the world before being selected for royal duty.  Now a naturalized U.S. citizen, he is married to the Hon. Mary Jo Jacobi, corporate director, former Special Assistant to President Reagan, Assistant US Secretary of Commerce and Her Majesty’s Civil Service Commissioner. They live in greater Washington, D.C.

(Patrick Jephson is not an attorney)